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Become the leader God wants you to be… NOW!

Get Prepared for a life of impact with education and training.

There is too much at stake!

Society needs to understand God’s love. If not fully prepared, future church leadership will see an ever-expanding rift between culture and God’s truth.

Diminished Impact

Tomorrow’s problems will require truth and grace in equal doses. Impact can suffer if you aren’t equipped to deliver both.

Lack of Confidence

With increased persecution and the challenge of the freedom of worship, the next generation of church leaders will need confidence and training.

Absence of Truth

The truth of the Bible is missing from schools, business leaders, families, and culture. The hope and validity of the gospel change things — it’ll take courage.


Obeying the great commission comes with risk. Take courage — get the training, education, and experience you need to step up and lead.

Develop the leader within you

NOBTS is rooted in historic Baptist faith taught within a connected community setting that equips you to lead in the local church.

Doctrinal Fidelity:

If you want your voice to be heard and have a lasting impact, make sure it aligns with the Baptist Faith & Message!

Practical Relevance

Bridge the Bible to life – by connecting culture and showing how the gospel is a huge part of the conversation with love and grace.


Community is a vital part of life and underpins the NOBTS culture. Community is found in the struggles we face, successes we enjoy, and work that needs doing every day.

Prepare here
Serve anywhere

NOBTS can help

Here at NOBTS, we knew people needed a more Biblically-based, impact-driven education amidst the daily struggle of a divided society.

NOBTS is the first SBC seminary started by the Convention. Since 1917 NOBTS has a strong reputation for training key leaders in our faith.

The city of New Orleans provides a wide variety of cultures and people to engage. This environment combined with an education from NOBTS allows us to say — Prepare Here – Serve Anywhere.

Many of our faculty and students actually live on campus. This creates a learning community unlike anywhere else.

Where is God sending you?

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A community-focused, theological seminary, bridging the Bible to real-life ministry.