Lose the Pain

The Effective and Specialized Back + Neck Solution You Need.

Take back the freedom and flexibility you want in your life.

You Are Suffering…

It’s more than the physical pain, it disrupts every aspect of your life.

  • Loss of Mobility: Hiking, long meetings, even birthday parties are all challenging with chronic pain.
  • Lack of focus: Your professional momentum is challenged and held back.
  • Hopeless and Frustrated: Trying other remedies aren’t effective or are short-lived.
  • Restless: Losing sleep over pain is affecting every area of your life.

Get your life back!

Your pain is specific and unique. NewSouth NeuroSpine offers the custom and specialized care you need to heal your chronic neck or back pain.

Wholistic Treatment & Recovery

So many back & neck pain remedies are ineffective or short-lived. We commit to exploring the full range of non-surgical options—including spinal intervention, physical medicine, and rehabilitation services.

Conscientious & Affordable Treatment

We are not interested in doing a lot of unnecessary procedures or surgeries. We’re here to get the patients better, not to make their bills bigger.

Broad Expertise

We rely on the expertise of our entire team, each physician with their area of expertise. Because we believe in collaboration, our patients benefit from all our specialists without having to visit each one individually..

NewSouth NeuroSpine Can Help

Here at NS2, we believe that people needed a more compassionate, advanced treatment option that will fully heal a person suffering from back and neck pain.

We know that back and neck pain is restrictive, painful, and frustrating.

Eight out of 10 people will experience back pain at some time in their lives.

No other practice in Mississippi is as uniquely qualified to offer comprehensive spine treatment.

From interventional pain management to physical therapy and pain psychology, our team is ready to address your pain needs.

Don’t let the fear of pain rob you of the best years of your life.


Neck & back pain are stealing your happiness and your best life! With lower back and neck pain, it’s hard to function like you used to. It’s hard to work, take care of your family and enjoy life.

Sometimes the pain is inconsistent, and it may be hard to pinpoint the source. The good news is that we understand pain, what causes pain, where it comes from, and, most importantly, how to treat spine pain. Before recommending spine surgery, we commit to exploring the full range of non-surgical options—including spinal intervention, physical medicine, and rehabilitation services.

What our patients are saying

“The relief I got was almost immediate.
I clearly made the right choice.”

Governor Haley Barbor

Very impressed with the time both the Nurse Practitioner and Physician spent with me. Clearly explained my situation with options. I truly felt they were engaged in my situation. 5 stars.

Todd W.

Excellent customer service and friendly staff. I had my first visit today with Dr. Collipp and I was very pleased with my treatment plan. It’s a very nice facility! All departments work together to coordinate your care

Lou Ann W.

Excellent care as always have been seeing my doctor for over 20 years he has stopped me from having surgery and I am without pain and I am not on any opioids the place is absolutely wonderful clean while ran and I would recommend it to absolutely anybody who would go there the staff is excellent Dr. L is excellent as are the other doctors

Cynthia O.