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Why settle when you can live free from hepatitis?

Give Us 3 Months to Your Better Future

Simply put, hepatitis is inflammation of the liver.

Since the liver performs many critical functions that affect your body, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis are crucial. Not doing so can lead to long-term damage like cirrhosis and liver.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source, approximately 4.4 million Americans are currently living with chronic hepatitis B and C.

For most people who do not know that they are infected, symptoms of chronic viral hepatitis develop slowly and can take decades to appear.

It’s not worth the wait. Schedule an appointment and start feeling better now.

Symptoms of Hepatitis


It’s more than just being tired. A person with fatigue may find it physically hard to do the things they usually do and can be associated with a health condition or problem like hepatitis.

Muscle Aches

Not all muscle aches are related to exercise and stress. They aren’t always harmless and point to an underlying condition. In these cases, home remedies won’t cut it, and a doctor should be consulted.

Abdominal Pain

Hepatitis can cause pain in the upper right side of your abdomen; this is where the liver sites. The pain is typically mild but remains consistent.


A normal temperature of a body is 98.5F, though that will vary from person to person. A fever is an increase in your body’s temperature, indicating that your body is fighting off an infection.


When bile production is compromised, it becomes hard for the intestines to absorb essential nutrients. This can lead to vomiting and/or feeling nauseous.

Endoscopy can help you live a better life

With treatment, you can feel better than you have in years.

Don’t settle for living feeling anything but at your best. Hepatitis is treatable.

Life doesn’t need to slow down because of hepatitis. It’s reversible and with treatment, your best possible health starts today.

Stories From Our Patients

Our main concern is your health, comfort, and well-being. Hear from our satisfied patients and see why Gastro Florida is the best, most convenient place for your GI care.


Gastro Florida has shown to be a truly caring doctor who listens and helps. Their advice and recommendations started to turn my symptoms for the better in numerous ways within some time. I am making more progress here than elsewhere and am very thankful.



The doctor listened to me for real, no interrupting and real interest. I really appreciated that. He explained things very well so that I understood why surgery is the next step for me.


Megan M.

The care from them has been exceptional. The doctor is patient and caring. Covers the effects of my husband’s illness very completely in a timely manner. He is clear about treatment and what to expect.


Judith M.

Our treatments are at little or no cost to you.

Tampa Bay chooses Gastro Florida when it comes to hepatitis treatment.

Gastro Florida’s Liver Plus Program utilizes our network of physicians, clinical research partners, pharmacies, and community resources to provide quality, holistic, and affordable health care specializing in the treatment of hepatitis.

With the support of a federal grant and the Florida Department of Health, Gastro Florida is able to provide services and medication at little or no cost to you.

In the Greater Tampa Bay area, patients have trusted Gastro Florida to be their GI healthcare partner. For over thirty years we have offered groundbreaking techniques, diagnostic strategies, and GI healthcare.

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